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The People Hub & Our Partners

At the start of 2016 Rob Bishop formed ‘The People Hub’, a collaboration of like-minded professionals who are values driven, engaged, energetic and passionate about people. There is an underpinning philosophy about working closely with individuals and organisations to understand and add value to people and performance needs. There are a number of small to medium size businesses involved in The People Hub – from recruitment and talent management services to coaching and leadership development, to outplacement and organisational change to the strategic and planned design and development of culture.

Members of The People Hub collaborate together, sharing ideas, theories, services and innovations – we believe that the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts and that, in working together we are better able to leverage ideas and knowledge to help people and organisations grow, develop and succeed.

The People Hub


OPRA Psychology Group
OPRA Psychology Group is a team specialised in organisational psychology who help companies recruit, develop and retain high performing staff.
David Bennett Executive Coaching
With over 25 years in a variety of management and leadership roles, David has a wealth of local and international experience along with qualifications and knowledge that help enhance the performance and quality of life of individuals and organisations.
Culture by Design
Culture by Design was born out of a growing awareness by CEOs and Boards across New Zealand that workplace culture is too powerful a force to be left to chance. It sets the tone and dictates behaviour for your entire organisation.
Career Steps
We believe high performing individuals and organisations do similar things and share similar values and traits. With more than 30 years of combined experience, we’ve become skilled in the tools and frameworks to support positive change.