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About Us

Rob formed Bishop Associates Recruitment partly because he thought it was about time he was totally in charge of something but mostly as he and the team believe that there is a need in the market for more recruiters who genuinely care about people.  Who offer experienced, straight-talking, non-salesy, honest, commercially oriented and genuine services. There are some great consultants out there – but not many recruitment companies that focus more on their relationships than on the money.

We promise that we won’t be ‘floating’ CV’s that are ‘just perfect’ for that role you advertised….we can’t really do justice to the needs of our clients without a thorough understanding of the specific role needs and culture. Of course there will always be some quick wins and we are all about being fast moving and responsive. We just don’t believe a placement should be made at the cost of robust risk-management and quality driven recruitment process.

Rob and the team are in it for the long-haul – our desire is to build enduring and quality relationships with candidates and clients. We want to work closely to understand needs and deliver quality advice and HR solutions. We’ve been doing this for many years now and look forward to continuing to grow and maintain successful working relationships with awesome people for many years to come!  Ultimately we believe in people...

The Bishop
Rob Bishop

Rob’s kids think he is kind, funny and someone who spends far too much time reading on the sofa although this criticism is balanced out by the fact that he gives great cuddles. Robs’ wife thinks that he is caring, good company and nowhere near as funny as he thinks he is.

Rob likes to think he is innovative, creative, solutions focussed and a good guy to have around when you need to get ‘stuff’ done. Rob also likes to think that his candidates, contacts and clients generally agree that he adds value, is good to brainstorm with and generally makes himself useful when given a chance to help out.

It doesn’t hurt that he’s mostly worked in the people industry, in bar work, sales and service, mental health care, training as a psychotherapist and working with some very odd and interesting people before falling into recruitment and Human Resources in the late 1990’s.

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Highly Organized
Jo MacKenzie

And now for someone who knows how to ‘turn left’ on boarding! Jo is the high flier of the team (but still not a member of the “Mile High Club”), with an extensive history in the airline industry with Air New Zealand, Qantas and Emirates.

Jo initially worked as cabin crew and later as a recruiter on the commercial side of Emirates based in Dubai. Jo has worked in recruitment in Christchurch since the late 1990’s and must also take responsibility for Rob Bishop being in the industry as she got him his first consulting role in Christchurch. She will provide a written apology on request.

Having spent the last several years recruiting in-house in busy and dynamic environments Jo fully understands the drivers of line managers and she is passionate about getting ‘fit’ right and creating high-performance teams whether that be from the local market or an international search. Jo won’t rest until she knows that she has done the right thing by her clients and candidates to create long-term success and great teams.

So for a smooth and turbulence free recruitment process, put your seat in the upright position and give Jo a call. Your perfect candidates are located here, here and here…

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The Connector
Nadine Denton

Being raised in South Africa gave our Nadine a love of the outdoors, nature and living a lifestyle centered around her family and close friends. Nadine is passionate about her husband and two boys.

Nadine freely admits that she works in order to maintain her lifestyle and ensure that she gets to spend quality time with the boys in her life. This works in the favour of her clients and candidates as there is no way Nadine is willing to sacrifice her standards of delivery or compromise on the quality of her work!

Nadine is a great connector of people, she will quickly win any six degrees of Kevin Bacon game and will almost certainly be on friendly terms with someone who has the dirt on you…so be nice to her! Nadine intuitively understands the interconnectedness of humanity a talent which is almost a superpower when it comes to recruitment.

Ultimately people choose to work with people.

When people choose to work with people and know other good people who also know great people then you’ve got to be onto a winner… people.

So whether you’re after the perfect candidate or the perfect job, particularly if you’re just a little bit techy, give Nadine a call and see how she can help connect you …

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Problem Solver
Jamie Todd

Jamie is handy at solving problems for his clients in the Construction and Engineering sectors when the need for acquiring talent arises.

When he is not devoting time to his wife and two young children, he is often found careering down the Port Hill's mountain bike trails or keeping up to date with the latest action from across the globe with the other love of his life, his beloved Liverpool FC. 

He has an extensive background in building and managing commercial relationships and genuinely understands how to represent his clients in the market. His ability to build trust and long-lasting partnerships is what underpins his successful track record in business. 

Working in recruitment allows him to use an array of the experience gained in former roles, as well as getting a kick out of genuinely helping people advance their careers. His knack for digesting the detail in technical fields, understanding the needs of his clients and the personalities that will make the place hum is something he is very good at. Building trust, and showing sincerity when aligning with these clients are key factors in the success he has enjoyed over the past several years’ in recruitment.

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Lateral Thinker
Linzi Ebbage-Thomas

Linzi likes to think of herself as Mr. Wolf from Pulp Fiction. “I solve problems…” is her motto. A no-nonsense individual who suggests pragmatic solutions, she is known for considering all the angles before determining the best pathway forward.

Her first role was infantry officer in the British Army, so she can strip a machine gun or dig a trench in a jiffy – but this also gave her grounding in excellent recruitment practices. Recruitment is a genuine passion (you’ll see the twinkle in her eye) she consults widely in designing smart recruitment and selection processes as well as delivers workshops on how to lead recruitment across New Zealand.

Linzi has nearly 30 years international experience and is often described as a consummate professional able to offer ‘wise counsel’. Little wonder she is sought after for her expertise and intuition in finding the right person for the role that fits the team and is aligned to the organisation.

Having said all this, you are likely to have a bit of fun with Linzi along the way! But remember, with a background like this, she knows all the tricks – including how to get rid of bodies as well find them!

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