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Recruitment & HR Consulting Services

We’re all about people at Bishop Associates Recruitment, we’re parents too so there aren’t many jobs we can’t turn our hands to at a pinch! This business is about managing talent and the services we offer through BAR hinge around searching for, finding, assessing and matching people to a variety of needs across different sectors.

If you need us to lend our wisdom on an interview panel, we can do that. If you need us to manage a large-scale talent project, we can do that. If you need to chat to someone about what your business looks like and how it might look in the future, we can do that. If you want to promote someone and want to assess a few of your team to gauge talent and fit, we can do that. If you need a short-term resource to cover a period of extra need or help with a special project, we can do that. And simply, if you have a problem, if it feels like nobody else can help, you can find them and hire this A-team – because we can do that too!  We believe in people, we have the desire and ability to help and add value.


Whilst we’re best known for executive and leadership recruitment, we have a team of recruiters capable of finding high quality talent for a variety of roles across industry sectors and at differing levels within organisations. We also work closely with talented people to help them identify and target employers who will be a match, not just to their capability but most importantly to their motivational fit. We know people are at their most productive when working in roles that aren’t just what they CAN do but are what they WANT to do.   Matching great candidates with roles that are a match to both capability and motivational fit.


Bishop Associates have a stable of eager beavers able to offer short to medium term support for project or urgent business needs or sometimes just to cover leave, sickness or a gap before a new team member starts.  Executive Leasing and temp services provide the flexibility of having access to talent, pre-vetted by us and able to seamlessly join your team at short notice.  With online time-sheeting, authorization and billing services it is a painless way to lighten the load during a busy time. 

Short or medium term temp or executive contractor recruitment…we call them our stable of “posh temps”!


As a team of experienced and commercially oriented consultants, we are happy to assist with organisational design and planning, performance review and staff development, succession planning, talent management planning and general HR advice.  Working closely, honestly and pragmatically with our clients to help understand, shape and deliver to their people & performance needs. 


Psychometric assessments have continually been shown as a valid and predictive measure of job performance and many other real world work outcomes (e.g. turnover, absenteeism). Assessments are a powerful tool for recruitment and development purposes. Bishop Associates Recruitment offers a comprehensive and flexible range of psychometric assessment services many of which can be completed remotely. Assessments can be incorporated into a recruitment process or offered as a transactional service to complement in-house recruitment processes.